Features of Antidote Mobile — French


Main Features

135,000 words, including 16,000 proper nouns

56,000 common expressions

1,071,000 synonyms

  • Pronunciation of words and their inflected forms (accents from Paris and Montréal)
  • Option to highlight prepositions
  • Difficulties: homonyms, Gallicisms, etc.
  • Antonyms (100,000)
  • Combinations (975,000, with examples)
  • Families (19,000)
  • Semantic fields (2.8 million linked words)
  • Conjugation (9400 verbs)
  • Rhymes and near-rhymes (assonance, consonance, etc.)
  • Quotations (300,000)
  • Etymologies with a time scale (107,300)
  • Phonetics of 600,000 forms, including conjugated words
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites (1600)
  • Proverbs (1800)
  • Integrated access to 11,500 zoomable maps and satellite images (Internet access required)
  • Integrated access to Wikipedia (Internet access required)


Main Features

All the relevant topics for French writing

916 articles

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Style
  • Punctuation
  • Typography
  • Syntax
  • Lexicon
  • Phonetics
  • Language Matters
  • Business Writing
  • Rectifications of 1990


Main Features

Shake and discover new words

Add your findings to your favourites or a personalized word list

Play the “Guess the Word” game

  • Selection of recent additions to the dictionaries
  • 1600 UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • 700 fascinating etymological notes
  • 7000 rare words
  • 200 names of countries
  • 600 names of cities and towns
  • 1800 names of famous figures, both real and fictional


Main Features
  • Stage Manager and Handoff support
  • Full dark mode support
  • Search on startup of a word copied from another app
  • Option to activate keyboard on startup
  • Search as you type, to find words quickly
  • Error-tolerant search (e.g. erruers)
  • Definition search (e.g. contient science)
  • Anagram search
  • Wildcard search (e.g. lum*, c?re?)
  • Search “mot commence par/contient/se termine par”
  • Multiword search (e.g. table ronde, perdre pied)
  • Voice commands (e.g. “Synonymes de joie”)
  • 14 Siri shortcuts (e.g. “Dis Siri, Synonymes, joie”)
  • Tap any word to see its definition
  • Turn pages with your finger
  • See your browsing history
  • Add and view your favourite words and articles
  • Create personalized word and articles lists and share them
  • Share any content via email or AirDrop
  • Print any content
  • Open content in another app
  • Use portrait or landscape display
  • Synchronize your favourites on iCloud (Internet access required)
  • Synchronize your favourites with Antidote 11 and Antidote Web (with Antidote+)

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