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Advanced Corrector with Smart Filters

In a single operation, Antidote’s corrector flags a wide variety of errors: from capitalization and verb agreement to unwelcome commas and redundancies. Hover over an error to see suggested corrections and see their explanations pop up in a tooltip, then click to confirm them. After correcting spelling and grammar, move on to typography and style, where you will be warned about any repeated words or commonplace verbs. Even dates and numbers can be flagged thanks to the 200 smart filters that highlight relevant passages. No software has ever given you so much power to refine your writing.

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Multiple Dictionaries with Powerful Search Tools

Read a word’s full definition and any expressions or proverbs that feature it; see its plural form, how to pronounce it, its rhyming words and its etymology. With a single click, see a list of its synonyms and words from the same family. Discover its semantic field, quotations, word combinations, complete conjugation information, and see how all of these resources interact intelligently. With its incomparable depth, powerful search engines and breathtaking speed, Antidote pushes the limits of what dictionaries can do.

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Clear and Detailed Language Guides

From grammar to style, from lexicon to syntax, the guides cover all aspects of writing. Quickly access a clear and concise description of the rules and their exceptions. Learn it all thanks to tips and carefully selected examples. Easily browse through related material or through all 485 articles, printing whenever you need to. With Antidote’s guides, it has never been so easy and enjoyable to write well.

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Artificial intelligence assists your emails

Included with Antidote, the Anti-Oops! technology can be installed in the main email clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. It will analyze all your messages before they are sent and point out any language errors or missing attachments.

120 New Features in Interface, Function and Content

Among the 120 new features for English and French, the corrector now helps users write more readable and inclusive texts. The dictionaries bring the two languages together by giving the translations of more than 2.5 million words and expressions. Users can also take advantage of a new optional service that allows them to synchronize their personal dictionaries across multiple devices.

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A More Powerful and Inclusive Antidote

User-Friendly Tooltips with Commands

Tooltips now contain possible actions (Correct and Ignore in the example below) and error diagnoses are now displayed more clearly.

Display of Bold, Italic and Emojis!

Not only does Antidote display bold and italic, it also recognizes them. This allows Antidote to better analyze self-referential terms, allowing for improved correction.

New Gender Neutrality Filter

The gender neutrality filter flags elements in the text that can contribute to a more equitable representation of men and women such as job titles and terms of address.

More Precise Analysis of New Detections

Thousands of lexical and syntactic refinements make for improved correction.

New Readability Filter

This new filter gives the Antidote readability score between 0 (very difficult to read) and 100 (very easy to read) and underlines the elements in the text that can be modified to improve the score (long sentences, rare or foreign words, abbreviations, etc.).

New Feature of Antidote 10 v2

Antidote now supports dark mode on macOS!

Antidote works with dark mode on macOS. With this option, white and light grey are replaced with black and dark grey colours. This more subdued interface reduces eye strain and makes it easier to concentrate. Antidote’s windows are more understated but still provide their rich content.

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Antidote 10's Features


Main Features

More than 16,000 targeted errors

Confused words: there/their/they’re, its/it’s, whose/who’s, etc.

Meaning errors: meat your friends, air to the throne, etc.

  • Style: repetition, nested phrases and more
  • Typography of spaces, numbers, addresses and more
  • Punctuation: excessive or missing commas, etc.
  • Ultrafast correction of the entire text field
  • Direct correction into the original document
  • Language, typography and style corrector
  • Batch correction of identical errors
  • One-click correction of all typographical errors
  • Clear flagging of errors
  • Clear, graded explanations
  • Context-based links to guides
  • Context-based access to dictionaries
  • Editable correction window
  • List of detections to see everything at a glance
  • Revision filters: logic, semantics, pragmatics
  • Dynamic statistical filters: words, phrases, frequencies and more
  • Inspection filters: subjects, verbs, complements and more
  • Detailed syntactic analysis of sentences
  • American, British and Canadian English
  • Foreign-language detection
  • Multiple personal dictionaries
  • Nearly 150 settings: language, typography, style, interface, etc.
  • Fully printable results


Main Features

115,000 words, including 28,000 proper nouns

31,000 common expressions

1,600,000 synonyms

  • 128,000 antonyms
  • 740,000 word combinations with real-life examples
  • 8,500 verbs with all conjugated forms
  • Semantic fields of 61,000 words, with interactive cloud
  • Etymology for 82,000 words
  • 16,000 families
  • Phonetic transcription of 166,000 word forms
  • 330,000 quotations
  • Expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs and proverbs
  • Plural forms
  • Frequency of each word
  • Region- or country-specific expressions and trademarks
  • Search with wildcards
  • Search as you type
  • Search for rhymes, sorted by degree
  • Search for anagrams, with blank letters
  • Multiword search, for finding connections between words
  • Advanced search by criteria
  • Discover towns, countries, historical figures and rare words
  • Integrated Wikipedia access
  • Smart links to Termium and Web search engines
  • Option to add links to other Web resources
  • Context-based links to guides
  • Easy addition of new words
  • List of favourite words
  • Full hypertext navigation
  • Parental controls
  • Adjustable font sizes
  • Fully printable content


Main Features




  • Syntax
  • Punctuation
  • Business writing
  • Style
  • Phonetics
  • Typography
  • History of the English language
  • Language matters
  • 500 clear, precise articles
  • Examples and tips
  • Fast lookup by topic
  • List of favourite articles
  • Instant search for articles
  • Specific references from the corrector and dictionaries
  • Full hypertext navigation
  • Fully printable content

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