Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ATA service?

This service gives you access to several major benefits: Antidote Web, synchronization, updates and upgrades, as well as personalized support.

  • Antidote Web is a faithful adaptation of the interface and functions of Antidote 10 and is designed to provide access to its well-known tools—corrector, dictionaries and guides—from any connected device.
  • With the synchronization service, you can share personal dictionaries, favourites, word lists and article lists to all your devices equipped with Antidote 10 and Antidote Web.
  • You have automatic access to all new editions and versions of Antidote for Windows, macOS and Linux released during your subscription.
  • Thanks to the ATA service, you can also receive personalized support by email or telephone from our expert customer-service advisors.

Antidote 10 comes with a free one-year subscription to the Antidote Total Access service (ATA).

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