Multi-User License

Centralized control. Easy deployment. Lower price.

An Antidote license for your computers at a lower price.

You can install Antidote locally on the workstations included in your multi-user license or deploy it on a network from one or more servers. The price of a multi-user license for five or more workstations is significantly lower than that of multiple single-user licenses.

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Add workstations

You can add workstations to your license as your needs grow. For the additional workstations, you pay the unit price of the tier that corresponds to your new number of workstations. (For example, there is a tier for 50 to 99 workstations.) This can often result in significant savings.

Consolidated license

It can be to your organization’s advantage to consolidate purchases made by multiple organizational units under a single license. A consolidated license is much easier to manage and usually results in a lower price per workstation.

AMP Privileges

Your subscription to the Antidote Maintenance Program (AMP) includes exclusive benefits at no additional cost. Keep renewing your subscription and you will never have to buy another upgrade.

Renew your AMP subscription and enjoy the following:

  • Updates and upgrades
  • Technical support
  • Installers for all versions

The Client Portal: Your Control Centre

Your very own control centre, the multi-user section of the Client Portal gives you quick access to your whole file. All the information you need regarding your licenses, subscriptions, users and downloads is available at the click of a mouse. To help answer any questions you might have, we have even inserted shortcuts to our extensive documentation and to our help centre.

Two Languages, Three Products

Antidote is available in French, in English, or in both languages. Choose Antidote 10 Bilingual and receive a product that is equally rich and effective in both English and French.

What’s more, Antidote adapts its detections and recommendations to different language varieties. Don’t worry, Antidote knows that American English uses color and not colour.

Easy Installation

Easy deployment

Antidote 10 is designed to function with many types of deployment technology. Its installation uses MSI packages, allowing it to be deployed using Group Policy (GPO) on Windows Server through Active Directory. Antidote can be deployed from a server either locally or in shared mode (run from source). It can also be deployed using Remote Desktop Services—formerly Terminal Services—in server desktop mode. Once deployed, Antidote can easily be integrated into word processors the first time you use them, even with a roaming profile.

Integration with your software

Antidote 10 is available for Windows, macOS and Linux and can be integrated directly into office suites such as MS Office, LibreOffice and many others.

Warning: Some older configurations are no longer supported. For example, Antidote 10 is no longer compatible with Windows Vista or with macOS 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8.

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