Frequently Asked Questions

I am trying to use Antidote and get an error code 16. What should I do?

This code is caused by an error in the writing of Antidote's activation code and blocks your access to Antidote.

In order to correct this issue, the latest Antidote update must be installed. To do so, please follow these steps:

For Antidote 10 :

  1. Select the Connectix Agent (Antidote logo in the top right-hand corner on macOS and in the lower left-hand corner on Windows and Linux);
  2. Select Search for updates;
  3. Install the available updates;
  4. Repeat this procedure until your Antidote is up-to-date.

For Antidote 9 :

  1. In your Client Portal, under the My products tab, select Download at the bottom of the page;
  2. Your computer will recognize the components of Antidote that are already installed on your device and will proceed to install only the new components brought about by the newest update(s).