Frequently Asked Questions

A program I use does not appear in the official list of those that can integrate with Antidote. How can I use Antidote?

Internal editor

Antidote is a standalone program, and can be used without an external word processor. Simply launch Antidote and open its tools. The dictionaries and guides can be used without a word processor, while you can use Antidote’s internal word processor to correct sentences.

In addition to recognizing TXT format, the internal editor recognizes HTML, a standard format that preserves the layout of documents. You can therefore not only open and correct files without losing their layout, but also copy and paste texts without losing anything. Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, WordPad, WordPro and other word processors can copy and paste or save files in Rich Text Format. (Note: Some word processors may still lose certain formats.)

Copy and Paste

  1. From your external word processor, open the document to be corrected.
  2. Select the part of the text that you want to correct. Note: Any information outside of the selected text may be lost (formatting, images, tables, etc.).
  3. Copy the selection (Edit > Copy).
  4. Launch Antidote (if not already open).
  5. From Antidote, open a new document (File > New), if one is not already open.
  6. In Antidote, paste the text (copied in step 3) into the document (Edit > Paste).
  7. Place the cursor at the start of the text.
  8. Run the corrector to perform the correction (Tools > Corrector).
  9. When the Antidote document has been corrected, copy the text from Antidote and paste it back into your word processor:
    • In Antidote, select the corrected text
    • Copy the selected text (Edit > Copy)
    • Go back to your word processor (without leaving Antidote)
    • Paste the corrected text to replace the original text (Edit > Paste)

Text file

  1. Open the document in the word processor.
  2. Go to File > Save as....
  3. In the Save as... dialog, edit the document name.
  4. Change the document format to “Text” (.txt).