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Account Types

Organization accounts

Organizations can create accounts for basic users, technicians and administrators (see User Roles.) If the domain name or subdomain in their email address match those that Druide has on file for the organization, the accounts and subscriptions associated with it will belong to the organization.

Users with organization accounts can access Antidote Web, but they cannot edit their own personal information (name, address, etc.) or make purchases in Druide’s online stores. They will not receive any commercial correspondence from Druide relating to Antidote Web.

Note — The organization must register its domains and subdomains in the Settings tab to create organization accounts.

Personal accounts

Personal accounts are Druide accounts that do not belong to an organization but that can still access an organization’s subscriptions.

The organization cannot delete personal accounts. It can only remove them from the organization’s account. Doing so will also remove their access to the organization’s Client Portal and to the subscriptions assigned to them.

Special case: An organization email address linked to a personal account

If an organization invites a user who already has a Druide account and the person has an email that uses the organization’s domain name, they will have to choose between two options.

Option 1
Option 2

Option 1 — Change my personal account’s email address

By choosing this option, the individual can keep their personal account by linking it to a new email address. They then need to choose a new password for their organization account.

This way, they will have a personal account with their private email address and an organization account with their professional email address.

Example — Assane uses the professional email address for his personal Druide account. However, his employer has registered the domain name in order to create organization accounts for an Antidote Web subscription. When Assane accepts the invitation Celtix Tech, he will need to enter a private email address for his personal account such as

Option 2 — Transfer my personal account to the organization

By giving up their personal account, the individual transfers the property of their account to the organization, including all its products and subscriptions. This means that only the organization will be able to edit or delete the account, and that the user will no longer be able to make purchases with this account.

This option is most likely for someone who wishes to repurpose its professional email address if it was linked to a personal account not containing any Druide products. This person can then take advantage of their organization’s subscription.

Note — As a precaution, the option to transfer their account is not made available to individuals who already have Druide products.