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Account Management

Technicians and administrators can manage accounts in the Client Portal’s Users tab (A). Certains functions are reserved for administrators.

Search and filters

Search one or more accounts using the search field and the filters at the top of the user list (B).

Click on a filter to show its options and choose the ones you need.

There are more filters available than shown. Click More filters to add or remove them. You can also remove a filter by hovering on it with your mouse and clicking the X that appears.


Assigning a role

If you want to change the role that you assigned to the accounts when they were created, check them off (C), then select Assign a role from the More menu (D). Then, choose the desired role and click Assign.

Managing access to Antidote Web

If you want to edit the subscription that has been attributed to your accounts, check them off (C), then select Manage access to Antidote Web from the More menu (D). Then, choose the desired subscription and click Assign.

Resending an invitation

You can always resend an invitation if it has not been accepted yet. Check off the accounts concerned (C), then choose Send invitation email from the More menu (D).

Removing or deleting a user

If you want to remove a user from an organization, check off the account (C), then select Remove from the More menu (D). Once you have removed a user, they will no longer have access to the organization’s Client Portal or to the products or services linked to the subscription assigned to them.

If you wish to permanently delete a user’s account, check off Permanently delete the accounts after their removal. The following information will be anonymized or deleted:

  • access granted to the account and products
  • account information
  • product information

Deleting a user’s account cannot be reversed.

To finish, validate the operation by clicking Remove.

Note — Only organization accounts can be deleted. Users who have a personal account will continue to be able to use it after having been removed from the organization.

Exporting the list of users

This list of users can be exported to a CSV file. This is particularly useful if you want to access, edit and import the list in order to update accounts. Click on More (D) and select Export list to download the file.