Client Portal User Guide

Client Portal User Guide / AMP Portal

AMP Portal

Gradual transition

In the coming months, the Multi-User Client Portal will gradually replace the AMP Portal as the sole control centre for your Antidote multi-user licenses.

Among its many advantages, the Multi-User Client Portal is able to group together several multi-user licenses within a single control centre. This saves users from having to access a separate AMP Portal for every multi-user license.

License migration

The migration of Antidote multi-user licenses from the AMP Portal to the Multi-User Client Portal occurs when a license is upgraded or crossgraded to Antidote 10.

To begin the migration process, you need to do the following:

  1. Log into your AMP Portal.
  2. Click Upgrade or Crossgrade.
  3. Read the information displayed in the modal window.
    • A confirmation message will then be sent by email to the person responsible for the license.

Before upgrading to Antidote 10, the network administrator should check its compatibility with the software and computers on which they intend to install it.

The upgrade or crossgrade to Antidote 10 will close the license’s AMP Portal and create a brand new Client Portal. The instructions on how to create this space and to upgrade to Antidote 10 will be sent by email to the network administrator.

When accessing the new Multi-User Client Portal for the first time, the network administrator will be asked to create a Druide account or to log in if they already have one.

All the network administrator’s other multi-user licenses will automatically be grouped together in the same Multi-User Client Portal.