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Search on Startup

Opening a dictionary directly

To specify which dictionary will open by default in Antidote upon startup, select your dictionary of choice in the settings.

Looking up a copied word

By default

  1. In an app (Safari, Mail, etc.), select and copy a word or block of text to look up.
  1. Open Antidote. Upon opening, a banner will appear on the screen, like this:
  1. Tap the banner to search for the word you copied in step 1.

To search a copied word at any time, tap the search field in the dictionaries, then select Search in the section labelled Others (e.g. Search “Kyoto”).

Quick Search

To automatically search in the Antidote dictionaries for a word found in another app (Safari, Mail, etc.):

  1. Select and copy the word or block of text you would like to look up.
  2. Open Antidote; upon opening, a blue banner will appear on the screen, like this:
  1. Tap ⚡ to run Quick search: each time that you open Antidote, if you have copied a new word, Antidote will immediately look it up.

It is also possible to adjust the search options for copied words in Antidote’s settings.