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Instant search

Choose a search mode, then enter the first letters and tap the desired word as soon as it appears.


Anagrams search

Search directly in a word’s anagrams in the More section of the definitions dictionary.

Phonetic search

If the word you are looking for does not appear, type it out fully and then tap Search on your keyboard.

Wildcard search

Char. Description Example
? one missing letter be?r? [beard, berry]
* a row of missing letters *dary [all words ending in dary]
*loco* [all words containing loco]
& a missing vowel m&re [more, mere, mire]
# a missing consonant mar# [mark, mart]

Multiword search

Enter two or more words (e.g. round table) and view all matching expressions (this might take a couple of seconds).

Searching within the definitions

In the definitions dictionary, the section labelled More allows you to access four types of search results:

  • Definition contains: Search for words whose definitions contain the headword.
  • Rhymes with: Search for words that rhyme with the headword, sorted by strength.

    When applicable, the results are set to the regional pronunciation selected in your settings.

  • Anagrams of: Search for anagrams formed with the letters of the headword.
  • Translated by: In the bilingual version, display words that have been translated by the headword.

See also Search on startup.