Antidote Mobile User Guide

User Guide / Appendix


Keyboard shortcuts

Open the dictionaries ⌘ + D
Open the guides ⌘ + L
Open Help ⌘ + ?
Change language (bilingual version only) ⇧ + ⌘ + L
Next word (in your browsing history) ⌘ + Right arrow key
Previous word (in your browsing history) ⌘ + Left arrow key
Next dictionary ⌘ +⌥ + Down arrow key
Previous dictionary ⌘ + ⌥ + Up arrow key
Next article (in your browsing history) ⌘ + Right arrow key
Previous article (in your browsing history) ⌘ + Left arrow key
Next article (in the list) ⌘ + Down arrow key
Previous article (in the list) ⌘ + Up arrow key
Next guide ⌘ +⌥ + Down arrow key
Previous guide ⌘ + ⌥ + Up arrow key
Next index card ⌘ + Right arrow key
Previous index card ⌘ + Left arrow key
Scroll automatically/manually Space
Check answer
Hint ⌘ + ⌥ + i

Running Antidote using a URL

Antidote can be run using a URL configured in an application (e.g. Apple shortcuts) or in a document (e.g. an email). URLs supported by Antidote start with a code indicating which application will be opened, followed by an action that will be executed when Antidote opens. The bilingual version of Antidote Mobile also allows you to specify the language of the search.


URL Description
antidote://<action> Open Antidote Mobile – French/English/Bilingual 
antidote-fr://<action> Open Antidote Mobile – French
antidote-en://<action> Open Antidote Mobile – English
antidote-ml://<action> Open Antidote Mobile – Bilingual


URL Description
<code>://open Open Antidote
<code>://dictionaries/* Look up a word in the current dictionary
<code>://definitions/* Look up a word’s definition
<code>://synonyms/* Look up a word’s synonyms
<code>://antonyms/* Look up a word’s antonyms
<code>://combinations/* Look up a word’s combinations
<code>://semantic_field/* Look up a word’s semantic field
<code>://conjugation/* Look up a word’s conjugations
<code>://family/* Look up a word’s family
<code>://quotations/* Look up the quotations for a word
<code>://history/* Look up a word’s history
<code>://wikipedia/* View the Wikipedia article for a word
<code>://guides/* Search for a word in the guides


URL Description
antidote-ml://<action>/fr/* Look up a French word (bilingual version only)
antidote-ml://<action>/en/* Look up an English word (bilingual version only)

URL examples

  • antidote-en://open: Open Antidote English
  • antidote://dictionaries/table: Look up the word table in the current dictionary.
  • antidote://history/table: Look up the word table in the historical dictionary.
  • antidote-en://guides/all: Look up the word all in the guides of Antidote Mobile – English.
  • antidote-ml://guides/en/all: Look up the word all in the French guides of Antidote Mobile – Bilingual.