What's New in Antidote 10

120 new features in interface, functions and content

Amongst some 120 new features for English and French, the corrector now helps in writing more inclusively and more legibly. The dictionaries bring together both languages by offering the translation of 2.5 million words and expressions. Users may now also take advantage of a new optional service allowing them to synchronize their personal dictionaries on multiple devices.

Let yourself be amazed by the new French Module

Purchase the French Module for Antidote 10 (with the Premium Upgrade, for example) and see your definitions dictionary display over 800,000 translations of all words, expressions and proverbs. Even better, our linguists have translated 1,700,000 combinations going both ways, with examples to support them all.

2.5 million translations

Two eagerly-awaited new filters

Readability and Gender Neutrality

The readability filter underlines long words and sentences, rare or foreign words, abbreviations and nested phrases. It even includes the new Antidote readability index, from zero (hardly readable) to 100 (very readable). The gender neutrality filter points out ways to ensure an equal representation of men and women in your text, for example where names of professions are used.

New words

Over 8,000 new words and expressions have been added, such as binge-watch, facticide and hoverboard, along with 117,000 new synonyms and 26,000 combinations.

Smart synonyms

The synonym lists are now sorted by proximity with the headword, giving you quick access to the most relevant alternatives. This applies not only to the synonyms dictionary, but also to the corrector, where Antidote suggests synonyms to help you avoid repetitions.

All new features and improvements

Corrector interface

  • Bold and italic type displayed in corrector’s text window*
  • Correction commands available directly from tooltips
  • New Replace command (with a suggestion)
  • New Edit command (for alerts and discontinuities)
  • Simplified Standardize command (for inconsistencies)
  • Option to search other possible corrections
  • Simplified tooltip messages
  • Option to hide a passage in the other language (Bilingual only)

Language correction

  • More precise analysis
  • Bold and italic type factored into analysis
  • Emoticons (including Unicode) factored into analysis
  • Detection of inconsistencies among variants of the same family (e.g. color, colourful)
  • Detection of inconsistencies among phonetic variants (e.g. calmar, calamar)
  • Improved analysis of dialogues (French only)
  • Anti-Oops!: option to disable corrections for particular contacts
  • Correction memory extended to include temporary documents (e.g. emails)
  • Improved settings for tags used to exclude text
  • Setting for flagging abbreviated doublets (e.g. client-e-s) (French only)
  • Setting for sensitivity to last names in the greeting of a letter (French only)
  • Option to specify language of a passage
  • Flag dangling prepositions, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of contracted forms to non-contracted forms, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of plural forms of acronyms with periods, with settings (English only)
  • Correction capital letters following a colon, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of commas following i.e. and e.g., with settings (English only)
  • Addition of a period following the initial of a first name, with settings (English only)
  • Setting for numbers under ten written in figures (English only)

Typography correction

  • Spacing settings for surnames with particles
  • Spacing settings for names with initials
  • More flexible settings for correction of numbers
  • More flexible settings for correction of hyphens
  • Correction of abbreviated decades, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of multiplication symbol x, with settings (English only)
  • Formatting of prime symbols for dimensions and coordinates, with settings (English only)
  • Spacing settings for prime symbols for dimensions and coordinates (English only)
  • Spacing settings for currency codes (e.g. CAD) (English only)

Style correction

  • New Gender Neutrality filter
  • New Readability filter
  • Five readability indexes, including the new Antidote index
  • Suggested synonyms to avoid repetitions
  • Constructions filter: detection of multiple negatives
  • Option to make language corrections in the Style view
  • Simpler Style options: check boxes
  • Option to sort longer sentences by length
  • Instant display of number of detections in each filter
  • Detection of 3,500 awkward constructions (English only)
  • Wordiness (It stands to reason that…) (English only)
  • Spit infinitives (He likes to really show his might) (English only)
  • Nominalizations (maximization -> maximize) (English only)
  • Non-contracted forms (she is, he would etc.) (English only)

Other sections

  • New Agreement filter for showing the links between grammatical agreements (e.g. subject-verb) (French only)
  • Counts filter: calculates the text’s reading time, silently or out loud
  • Semantics filter: display by lexical category for better precision
  • New Languages filter isolates passages in each language

Definitions dictionary

  • 8,000 new words and expressions (French: 1,000 words and expressions)
  • Notes on 5,000 new difficulties (French: 800 new difficulties)
  • New window for managing favourites
  • Personalized, shareable word lists
  • Translations for all words, in both directions, with examples (Bilingual only)
  • Translations for all expressions (Bilingual only)
  • Translations for all proverbs (Bilingual only)
  • New search function: Translated as (Bilingual only)
  • Add translations in personal dictionaries (Bilingual only)
  • New World Heritage sites for 2017-2018
  • Search proverbs by theme
  • More powerful instant search menu (expressions, parts of expressions etc.)
  • Relative frequency of variable inflections (e.g. fjord, fiord)
  • Relative frequency of phonetic variants (e.g. calmar, calamar) (French only)
  • New filters in search by criteria (Negated words (not edible, not to make…), etc.)
  • Note on required prepositions before names of islands (e.g. Fiji) (French only)
  • Note on appropriate article (a/an) for difficult words (e.g. history) (English only)
  • Note on words which may require subjunctive (e.g. advice) (English only)
  • Note on required use of infinitive or gerund after certain verbs (e.g. thank) (English only)
  • Note on contracted form of auxiliaries (e.g. shan’t) (English only)
  • Expanded presentation of inflections and phonetics (English only)

Synonyms dictionary

  • 117,000 new synonyms (French: 10,000 new synonyms)
  • Sort by relevance, frequency or length
  • Display hierarchy of hyponyms and hypernyms
  • Filter for synonyms without labels (not informal, not regional etc.)
  • Filter for strong, weak or neutral synonyms
  • Links to additional hyponyms

Combinations dictionary

  • 26,000 new combinations (French: 28,000 new combinations)
  • Translations for all combinations, with examples (1.7 million) (Bilingual only)
  • Search within combinations and translations (Bilingual only)
  • Notes on register


  • English: Antonyms dictionary
  • English: semantic fields for proper nouns
  • 470,000 new links in semantic fields (French: 265,000 new links)


  • Cleaner display
  • 122 new articles (French: 24 new articles, including 11 new articles on gender neutrality in writing)
  • Toggle between English and French articles
  • Personalized article list

Multi-user synchronization

  • Optional service (may incur extra cost)
  • Sync between Windows, Mac and Linux devices
  • Sync favourites
  • Sync personal dictionaries

New client portal

  • Centralized management of your Antidote licenses
  • Identification by email and password
  • Easy download access

Simplified installation

  • Installation has been simplified for Windows and now requires fewer steps

* Compatible word processors only

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