What's New in Antidote 10

All new features and improvements


  • (Mac) Dark mode with an option to apply a light background to windows  Improvement of Antidote 10v3
  • English: Antonyms dictionary
  • English: semantic fields for proper nouns

Corrector interface

  • New command to correct clipboard contents
  • Corrector launches more rapidly
  • Bold and italic type displayed in corrector’s text window*
  • Correction commands available directly from tooltips
  • New Replace command (with a suggestion)
  • New Edit command (for alerts and discontinuities)
  • Simplified Standardize command (for inconsistencies)
  • Option to search other possible corrections
  • Simplified tooltip messages
  • Option to specify language of a passage
  • Option to hide a passage in the other language (Bilingual only)

Language correction

  • Detection of distant duplicate words (ex: I saw a dog, a cat and a dog)
  • Recognition of quotes with multiple opening quotations marks
  • New setting to exclude sequences of characters
  • Alerts on certain rare or non-standard forms (ex: It should be alright) (English only)
  • Recognition of derived words in English (antiviolence, educationalists)
  • More precise analysis
  • Bold and italic type factored into analysis
  • Emoticons (including Unicode) factored into analysis
  • Detection of inconsistencies among variants of the same family (e.g. color, colourful)
  • Detection of inconsistencies among phonetic variants (e.g. calmar, calamar)
  • Improved analysis of dialogues (French only)
  • Anti-Oops!: option to disable corrections for particular contacts
  • Correction memory extended to include temporary documents (e.g. emails)
  • Improved settings for tags used to exclude text
  • Setting for flagging abbreviated doublets (e.g. client-e-s) (French only)
  • Setting for sensitivity to last names in the greeting of a letter (French only)
  • Flag dangling prepositions, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of contracted forms to non-contracted forms, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of plural forms of acronyms with periods, with settings (English only)
  • Correction capital letters following a colon, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of commas following i.e. and e.g., with settings (English only)
  • Addition of a period following the initial of a first name, with settings (English only)
  • Setting for numbers under ten written in figures (English only)

Typography correction

  • Correction of ellipses, with a setting
  • Spacing settings for surnames with particles
  • Spacing settings for names with initials
  • More flexible settings for correction of numbers
  • More flexible settings for correction of hyphens
  • Correction of abbreviated decades, with settings (English only)
  • Correction of multiplication symbol x, with settings (English only)
  • Formatting of prime symbols for dimensions and coordinates, with settings (English only)
  • Spacing settings for prime symbols for dimensions and coordinates (English only)
  • Spacing settings for currency codes (e.g. CAD) (English only)

Style correction

  • New Gender Neutrality filter
  • New Readability filter
  • Five readability indexes, including the new Antidote index
  • Suggested synonyms to avoid repetitions
  • Constructions filter: detection of multiple negatives
  • Option to make language corrections in the Style view
  • Simpler Style options: check boxes
  • Option to sort longer sentences by length
  • Instant display of number of detections in each filter
  • Detection of 3,500 awkward constructions (English only)
  • Wordiness (It stands to reason that…) (English only)
  • Split infinitives (He likes to really show his might) (English only)
  • Nominalizations (maximization -> maximize) (English only)
  • Non-contracted forms (she is, he would etc.) (English only)

Other sections

  • New Agreement filter for showing the links between grammatical agreements (e.g. subject-verb) (French only)
  • Counts filter: calculates the text’s reading time, silently or out loud
  • Semantics filter: display by lexical category for better precision
  • New Languages filter isolates passages in each language

Definitions dictionary

  • 12,000 new words and expressions (French: 8,000 words and expressions)  Improvement of Antidote 10v3
  • Notes on 15,000 new difficulties (French: 2,300 new difficulties)  Improvement of Antidote 10v3
  • New window for managing favourites
  • Personalized, shareable word lists
  • Translations for all words, in both directions, with examples (Bilingual only)
  • Translations for all expressions (Bilingual only)
  • Translations for all proverbs (Bilingual only)
  • New search function: Translated as (Bilingual only)
  • Add translations in personal dictionaries (Bilingual only)
  • New World Heritage sites for 2017, 2018 and 2019  Improvement of Antidote 10v3
  • Search proverbs by theme
  • More powerful instant search menu (expressions, parts of expressions etc.)
  • Relative frequency of variable inflections (e.g. fjord, fiord)
  • Relative frequency of phonetic variants (e.g. calmar, calamar) (French only)
  • New filters in search by criteria (Negated words (not edible, not to make…), etc.)
  • Note on required prepositions before names of islands (e.g. Fiji) (French only)
  • Note on appropriate article (a/an) for difficult words (e.g. history) (English only)
  • Note on words which may require subjunctive (e.g. advice) (English only)
  • Note on required use of infinitive or gerund after certain verbs (e.g. thank) (English only)
  • Note on contracted form of auxiliaries (e.g. shan’t) (English only)
  • Expanded presentation of inflections and phonetics (English only)

Synonyms dictionary

  • 147,000 new synonyms (French: 17,000 new synonyms)  Improvement of Antidote 10v3
  • Sort by relevance, frequency or length
  • Display hierarchy of hyponyms and hypernyms
  • Filter for synonyms without labels (not informal, not regional etc.)
  • Filter for strong, weak or neutral synonyms
  • Links to additional hyponyms

Combinations dictionary

  • 80,000 new combinations (French: 84,000 new combinations)  Improvement of Antidote 10v3
  • Translations for all combinations, with examples (1.7 million) (Bilingual only)
  • Search within combinations and translations (Bilingual only)
  • Notes on register


  • Cleaner display
  • 122 new articles (French: 24 new articles, including 11 new articles on gender neutrality in writing)
  • Toggle between English and French articles
  • Personalized article list

Multi-user synchronization

  • Optional service (may incur extra cost)
  • Sync between Windows, Mac and Linux devices
  • Sync favourites
  • Sync personal dictionaries

New client portal

  • Centralized management of your Antidote licenses
  • Identification by email and password
  • Easy download access

Simplified installation

  • Installation has been simplified for Windows and now requires fewer steps


  • Integration with Opera
  • (Mac) Integration with Scrivener
  • (Mac) Integration with Ulysses  New feature of Antidote 10v3
  • (Mac) Integration with Bear  New feature of Antidote 10v3
  • (Web) Integration with Grav  New feature of Antidote 10v3
  • (Web) Integration with WoodWing  New feature of Antidote 10v3
  • Ability to launch Antidote Web from a local writing software  New feature of Antidote 10v3

* Compatible word processors only